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We invite you to sit down comfortably and make sure you are not disturbed while you select your answers. There is no "success" or "failure", just useful information.

Each of the questions in this questionnaire contains six responses. Read each response carefully and decide which ones fit you to some degree. Then, of those responses that fit you, rank them in order of your preference. Mark the response that best fits you as your first choice, the response that fits you second best as your second choice, the response that fits you third best as your third choice, and so on. You will notice that you can select only five of the six responses. Note: You do NOT have to rank every choice. If a response does not fit you at all, do not select it. As a result, for some questions, you might select only one response and, for others, you might select two, three, four or five response - as many as you believe fit you to some degree.


Desserts I like include

In this example, the respondent likes cherry pie, apple pie, and chocolate cake for dessert. She does not like candy bars, ice cream, or fig bars. Of the three responses that fit her, she has indicated the strongest preference for cherry pie by selecting that response first, a lesser preference for apple pie by selecting that response second and an even lesser preference for chocolate cake by selecting that response third. She did not indicate any preference for candy bars, ice cream or fig bars because none of those responses fit her at all.

For better results
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Take this when you are rested and are "yourself."
  • Give yourself plenty of time
  • Bear in mind that this is not a test; there are no right or wrong answers, there is no score and there is no passing or failing.
  • This is a non-threatening, and even fun, questionnaire, so we invite you to relax and enjoy the process.
How it works

After clicking on "start the questionnaire", you have to fill the first window with general information. When this is done, click on "next" to start answering the questionnaire.

For each question, just write "1" in the box in the left column of the answer that best describes you, "2" in the second best answer, and so on. When you click on "next", a new question will appear, below all the already answered questions. If you are not satisfied with the answers of a question, just click on "previous", and you will be able to change your choices for the previous question.

If, for any reason, you cannot finish the Questionnaire, just enter again below your Event Id and Language, and retype your personal information. Your data will be recovered up to the last validated answer.

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